TracFac has announced the #SaveTheTracks social media campaign.  As part of it’s ongoing plan to promote local racing, TracFac is encouraging our members and fans to use the hashtag, #savethetracks, when posting about your favorite local tracks.  Likewise, TracFac will be posting awesome photos and videos from local tracks across the country to help promote hometown racing to new and current fans.

Local Race Tracks are the grassroots of all racing, and we need to do all we can to keep them vibrant and alive.  From dirt tracks to drag strips, local racing is iconic to the American way of life.  As Americans, we simply like to go fast!  We love our cars and we love our horsepower.  Unfortunately, as big-time racing has grown less popular over the past several years, the result has been a direct hit to local racing.  As people tune in less to watch racing on TV, they are less exposed to the overall product of racing, and thus don’t attend as many local races at their hometown tracks.

However, the reality of the situation is that Local Race Tracks should be thriving in the face of dwindling popularity of the “big boy racing”.  Local Racing is real racing.  It’s competitive.  It’s exciting.  And, the drivers, crews and staffs of local racing are still approachable.  Unfortunately, some folks have lost their taste for racing because of the lack of excitement in the national racing series.  So, we have to do all we can to remind people about the great action on Weekend Nights at their local tracks.

So, when you post photos, videos and articles on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, use the hashtag, #savethetracks, to let folks know that you support local racing at all levels.  From Late Models and Modifieds to legends and junior dragsters, there is awesome racing happening every weekend across the entire nation….and we just need to remind people of that!